Learn how to make an app—from idea to launch

Resources for making your first app.



A no-code platform for building powerful web and mobile apps.

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Terms you should know


A static or interactive mock-up that looks like a real app but is not fully functional.

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User Interface

The series of screens or pages, and visual elements that enable a person to interact with an app.

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Tools you might need


Invision Cloud

A prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform for designers.

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About the manual

Hi, I’m Kim! I’m the founder of BOURN and the creator behind this website, The App Makers Manual (formally How to Make an App). It’s a new and growing resource for beginners centered around how to make an app, from idea to launch.

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There’s a lot of ground to cover, so every week I’ll be releasing articles, terms, tools, and more in the official newsletter, The A.M. Dispatch. I hope this manual helps you move forward with your app idea by making the process a little bit easier to digest.