Bring Your Idea To Life

On your own. Without knowing code. Without spending thousands of dollars.

Go from idea to launch in a single course.

Have an idea for an app but don’t know where to start? Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure of the steps you need to take? This beginner’s course is for you.

After spending the last decade designing, building and launching a variety of apps from scratch, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make a great app. For those who’ve never worked in tech, it can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be. I’ve packed everything I’ve learned into this course so you can finally start making progress on that amazing idea you’ve been thinking about.

This course will arm you with everything you need to finally make your app.


Guide you on planning, visualizing, building and launching your app.


Explain key terms and technologies as it relates to making apps.


Introduce tools and languages to build your app with or without code.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Defined your app’s core features.

  • Created flow diagrams that illustrate how a user would progress through the app.

  • Start visualizing your app through pencil sketches and digital mockups.

  • Gained an understanding of what options there are to build an app with or without code.

  • Become familiar with the process for launching on the web or in the app store.

Hi! I’m Kim. I’m an award-winning designer and developer. Over the past decade, I've designed, built, and launched multiple apps from scratch.

Because of my work, I've spoken on the TEDx stage, my work has been featured in podcasts and publications such as Bustle, I've been a curator for a tech magazine, judged The One Show, and taught code at General Assembly.

Before making the leap to start my own studio, I worked with top creative agencies and product consultancies, such as RGA, Ogilvy, and thoughtbot, helping startups and established businesses build their digital presence.

Now under my venture studio, Bourn, I create stuff I want to exist, and help others do the same.

This course isn’t for everyone. You should take this course if:

  • You're non-technical or new to creating apps.

  • You have an idea you're excited to bring to life.

  • You're overwhelmed or unsure of how to get started.

  • You need structure and guidance to move forward.

  • You’re done banging your head against the wall.

You’ll also get guided exercises, tutorials, and walk-throughs of an app I built from scratch, without code.


Start working directly on your app idea with guided exercises.


Walk throughs of tools and examples to guide you along the way.


Walk throughs of how I approached an app from scratch.

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Learn from anywhere and anytime, no need to travel.


Learn at your own pace with online access to the course.

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You'll learn the exact 6-step blueprint I use for making an app.

  • Welcome to How to Make an App
  • Getting started
  • Intro to Apps
  • Example App: Itinerary
Phase 1: Idea
  • Intro to Idea
  • Research
  • Idea Outline
  • Exercise: Create your Idea Outline (Makers & Founders only)
Phase 2: Scope
  • Intro to Scope
  • Feature List
  • Exercise: Create your feature list (Makers & Founders only)
  • Version One Features
  • Exercise: Create your version one feature list (Makers & Founders only)
Phase 3: Validate
  • Intro to Validation
  • Waitlist
  • User Interviews
  • Prototypes
  • MVPs
  • Exercise: Conduct 5 user interviews (Makers & Founders only)
Phase 4: Design
  • Intro to Design
  • Intro to User Experience Design
  • Intro to User Interface Design
  • Flow Diagrams
  • App Flow Diagrams
  • Example: How I approached the App Flow Diagram for Itinerary (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Intro to Figma (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Creating screens and arrows for an App Flow Diagram in Figma (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Create your App Flow Diagram (Makers & Founders only)
  • User Flow Diagrams
  • Example: How I approached the Sign Up User Flow Diagram for Itinerary (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Creating different shapes for a User Flow Diagram in Figma (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Create your first User Flow Diagram (Makers & Founders only)
  • Wireframes
  • Example: How I approached the wireframes for the Sign Up screen for Itinerary (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Digitizing a wireframe in Figma (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Create your first wireframe (Makers & Founders only)
  • Mockups
  • Example: How I selected colors and fonts to create mockups for Itinerary (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Creating a mockup in Figma (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Explore colors and fonts to create your first mockup (Makers & Founders only)
Phase 5: Build
  • Intro to Build
  • How do web apps work?
  • Building Web Apps with Code
  • Building Web Apps without Code
  • Testing Your Web App
  • How do mobile apps work?
  • Building Mobile Apps with Code
  • Building Mobile Apps without Code
  • Testing Your Mobile App
  • Example: How I approached the data structure for Itinerary (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Define the data structure for your app (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Intro to Adalo (Makers & Founders only)
  • Tutorial: Building the Itinerary mobile app with Adalo (Makers & Founders only)
  • Exercise: Build your first screen in Adalo (Makers & Founders only)
Phase 6: Launch
  • Intro to Launch
  • Launching a Web App
  • Launching a Mobile App
Wrap Up
  • Course Feedback

I’ve already helped many people get started through past workshops. And I’m just getting started.

"I recommend this workshop to any new founder. I feel more confident in moving forward to developing a no code app for my business. Kim did an amazing job providing great material and overview to building your own app. Kim was very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Kim did a great job leading and coaching us through."

~ Emma

"Kim walked us through the phases of planning, creating, and launching an app. I came in with no idea on how to start the process and left with the many options that I could implement immediately. I highly recommend."

~ Doreen

"Kim was fantastic. She was very thorough and was able to explain everything so that everyone with no coding or app experience could comprehend. I left the workshop excited about the process of app-building!"

~ Dez


Have another question? Shoot me an email at

Is this course applicable for any type of app?

Yes! This course is meant to set the foundation for any type of app. When it comes time to build your app, that’s where things will start to diverge but we won’t be building your app in the course. We will cover the terminology, technologies and platforms you can use to do so.

That said, apps that include AR/VR, Mobile games, Algorithmic feeds, AI, Complex computations, data analysis or tracking are more complex. The information related to building or launching your app may not be applicable.

Will I get to build the app?

We will be covering the options you have to build your app with or without code. You will also get in-depth tutorials on the no-code platform, Adalo, so you can build your app during or after the course.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope! This course is geared towards those who aren’t technical, don’t know how to code, or don’t understand the end-to-end process of making an app. The goal is that by the end, you’ll have more technical knowledge than when you started. You’ll be able to decide if you want to use no-code tools, learn to code or hire someone to do it for you.

Will I have access to you to ask questions?

Yes! You can either purchase private, one-on-one coaching sessions or ask questions directly through the community.

Is this a live course?

This course is completely self-paced. The only parts that would be live are the private, one-on-one coaching sessions that have to be pre-scheduled.

How long is the course?

The content itself can be consumed in one day, but to complete the exercises and tutorials, it should take you about 1-4 weeks depending on how much of your app you decide to tackle.

What if I buy the course and realize it’s not for me?

Every purchase comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. If you realize this course isn’t for you, you can shoot me an email for a full refund within 7 days of enrolling.