Flow Diagram

Before we dive into flow diagrams, first we have to define what a flow is. A flow can be defined as a path a user might take in your app. A flow diagram (also known as a flow chart) allows you to illustrate that path to explore how a user would navigate through your app on a high level or to complete a specific task.

In other words, a flow diagram illustrates how a user might get from point A to point B and any turns they'd have to make along the way.

Flow diagrams play an important role in design, but more specifically the UX process. They are a valuable tool that helps you flesh out the experience a user will have navigating through your app on a general or detailed level.

When done right, it allows you to explore different ways a user might be able to accomplish a task, define actions a user will need to take to move forward, and catch any underlying issues such as where a user might get stuck. For apps with complex flows, flow diagrams can help provide clarity before diving into design and development.