No-Code Platform

A no-code platform, specifically for apps, allows anyone to build an app without the use of traditional code. Instead of traditional code, the platform provides an interface that leverages methods such as drag and drop to create your app. Think Squarespace or Wix but for apps.

Some might say Microsoft Access was one of the first no-code platforms for making apps. It has been around since 1997. It gave everyone a taste for what was possible as a non-developer and the industry has grown up a lot since then. Bubble launched in 2012 and their platform has drastically improved and changed the game. Others such as AppyPie, Thunkable, and many more have followed suit.

It’s also worth mentioning that no-code platforms aren't just for building apps. Squarespace, which has been around since 2004, has allowed anyone to build a website without code, and tools like IFTTT and Zapier have been around since 2010 to automate one-off tasks without the use of code. For example, IFTTT could be used to add content to a Google spreadsheet after being mentioned on Twitter, and Zapier can be used to add a new subscriber to a mailing list after submitting a form on a website.

As no-code platforms become more sophisticated and feature rich, they have become more popular amongst both technical and non-technical people. Compared to other options for building an app, it helps that no-code platforms are also pretty affordable. While it might take tens of thousands of dollars to work with a developer, you can build your app on average for under $100/month.

It’s an exciting time for anyone with an idea for an app.